Friday, 17 February 2017

Unity Protest in St. Truiden 4th March

Protesting Charlton fans will once again be heading to Roland Duchatelet's home town to protest at his continued lack of ambition and the state the club finds itself in after three miserable years of ownership under the billionaire.
The South London Press covers the emerging story here.

I am really sorry I can't make it. It promises to be another chapter in the history of Charlton Athletic Football Club and the supporters, in particular, who have played a larger part in the fortunes of our club than surely any other. Over 200 fans are expected to assemble in the sleepy market town of St. Truiden on the other side of Brussels on Saturday 4th March. They will be joined by disillusioned locals who have long-since had the fight knocked out of them by Roland Duchatelet in the years he has owned their club and turned it into a housing and shopping development where football is a side show to a day's family activity eating out and dancing after the game. It seems our determination to rid ourselves of Duchatelet is sparking the resistance in his home town.

The turnout is all the more impressive when you consider that Charlton are playing away at Northampton, an easy-to-get-to new ground for many but that just further demonstrates the strength of feeling and determination of individuals to play their part and show Duchatelet the folly of his doomed ownership of the club they love - the one he can only afford to donate 1.5% of his interest to.

Women Against the Regime have joined CARD and the Belgium 20 protest groups in order to pool resources and make the biggest impact they can on the day. The Belgium 20 have secured a supportive bar owner who is providing a pre-match buffet and protest ska band, The 2%, are also making their way across the channel to entertain the troops. There's still time for you to be a part of it and the return fare is only £25 and some fans unable to attend have even paid £25 so others who might bot be able to afford the whole cost can attend. There is a there-and-back trip as well as an overnight version, although hotels are at a premium as Charlton fans seek out every room away from Duchatelet's own hotel at the ground which won't be seeing any of the protestors money.

From experience, St. Truiden locals will warmly welcome the friendly mini-invasion and I am sure there will be a lot of great stories to be told when the book is eventually written.

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