Tuesday, 27 December 2016

MK Dons 0 v Charlton Athletic 1

Both clubs and their supporters can be excused for feeling thoroughly sick of the sight of each other after the fourth tight game in a few months. Fair to say none of them have amounted to much and yesterday's was another drab affair settled by another Lookman goal. MK had early chances to have taken the game by the scruff of the neck but spurned them.

The win lifts Charlton just into the top half of the table and staves off any serious relegation threat for now at least. Thoughts now turn to what could be a pivotal January transfer window. News today that Madame Meire, Manager Robinson, Assistant-Assistant Richie Barker and Captain Jacko are off to St. Truiden to visit Santa Claus Roland Duchatelet to plead their case for what Robinson describes as "two midfielders hopefully, and a winger." Robinson also spoke with 'The President" after the Millwall game when he claims to have set the visit up and was consoled on his derby loss. 

Not sure what to make of this - does Meire need help in persuading The President? Worryingly, they will be taking in the St. Truiden v Standard match so I hope it's not to run the rule over over more network players. Robinson's comments hoping for two midfielders sounds a tad desperate. I assume the winger is a straightforward replacement for Lookman and that Robinson wants some spare change from that deal to strengthen the engine room which is unable to get out of second gear with the current incumbents. 

Duchatelet now has an 'on message' English manager and a side that looks like it may have found it's level. A big cash injection from Lookman and the prospect of more to come from Konsa if they can avoid over-playing him as well as longer shots on Aribo and O'Hanlon who are both now getting opportunities. The President may be sitting more comfortably now that his Player-farming model in a lower-geared cost club looks like it is beginning to work and might help reduce his paper losses to the point where he can get out without taking a massive haircut.

Meanwhile, supporting Charlton Athletic remains a desperate struggle for those still going. An empty stadium with the accompanying lack of atmosphere. A side that splutters from one match to another looking to grind out results. A harridan of a Chief Exec who has zero credibility but is still lording it over us. A thinly disguised PR machine making the best of what's a limited plan that prioritises cutting losses and moving to profit over ambition and results. Short-termism in the planning and cynicism in the execution. 

The Club is at the lowest point in it's 111-year history and the slow decline will continue and, in my opinion, we are much more likely to be involved next in another relegation struggle than a promotion push. They can say all the like in the media but he needs to sack Meire as a starting point to any serious intention to change or make a realistic go of his responsibilities as owner of Charlton Athletic Football Club.

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  1. "I want to give my life to the club" - Karl Robinson 27th December 2016.


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