Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Millwall 3 v Charlton Athletic 1

My works Christmas bash today so I had a perfect excuse not to be suffering the New Den. As it happened I was on the train passing the ground at 7.30 and was tempted to jump off at Deptford, even without a ticket. As it was I stayed put and have followed the match from home on the internet.

So pleased I stayed on the train. More inept drivel and two goals conceded shortly before half-time killed us off. So much for the usual up-for-it Millwall bullshit from players and manager. No heart, no fight, rolled-over once again. Karl Robinson, two draws and three defeats - you don't look like the Messiah to me. A great bunch of lads, amazing talent, January could be a defining month, I have a little feeling.....oh dear Karl, looking and sounding like a busted flush. Let's do our talking on the pitch - yes, let's, when? Ajose pulled one back and we quickly conceded a third in typical Millwall fashion as if to underline how shit we are.

Are they seriously going to give this guy funds in January? Promotion will be beyond us and it will quickly be about next season, assuming we don't get sucked into another relegation battle. MK Dons will be rubbing their hands on Saturday and Southend will hardly be quaking in their boots. Embarrassing, absolutely embarrassing. Meire and Duchatelet are reaping what they have sown - gross negligence and total incompetence.

Where's Driesen? Let's hear what the boy scout has to say. Very wise after the events. What impact is Chris O'Loughlin having exactly? Robinson thought he was going to add something - what? He's your equally useless replacement Karl, just a matter of time. You have been made to look a right fool Robinson. All mouth and no trousers - Scouse gobshite. Post match press conference will be another humiliation as you weasel your way around your own ineptitude and your squad short-comings. Absolute joke of a set-up. Weak squad with poor management and invisible leadership. My £100 at 25-1 on relegation is looking tidy.

When are you talking to the fans Karl? You have already blown the honeymoon period. You will get slaughtered now. Been brilliant has it since you joined? Just what's been brilliant? Everything but our performances and results? Don't worry, Duchatalet doesn't give a toss, he's probably not even noticed. Daisy will have majored on your draws.

Have the last seven (7) managers been absolutely useless or is there a larger common denominator like a broken back-room and inept leadership? Lack of continuity and complete uncertainty. I can blame Meire for making lots of poor choices but I think we all know what the fundamental problem is - an arrogant, ignorant, stupid owner.


  1. And a merry Christmas to you too.


  2. Wise words.
    Can't argue with any of that.

  3. and you were a wise man not going last night too - that really took us to a new low.

    Pembury Addick


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