Thursday, 17 November 2016

Meire stumbles on

Forty hours after a delayed announcement about Russell Slade's sacking, we are no nearer knowing who his replacement will be. However, a statement on the Official Site now tells us that Chris O'Loughlin, the former first team Coach at St, Truiden has been appointed to support Kevin Nugent who will act as Caretaker Manager until they can sort out who will actually succeed Slade.

What a mess, or should I say, what another mess. Why sack Slade on a Tuesday evening, three full days after the dismal defeat at Swindon Town if you haven't already found a successor? If Swindon was the straw that broke the camel's back, you might have expected an announcement on Saturday after the game as we have had in the past and an understandably delay (of a few hours at least) whilst they interviewed thirty-odd applicants and decided on the bloke already employed by Duchatelet.

Instead, it begins to look like they took the decision to sack Slade but their plans to announce a successor quickly unravelled. News of Slade's sacking was announced by CARD because it took Charlton about four hours to put it on their website. The Club blamed technology but there were plenty of other ways to make the communication to the press and the supporters even if their website was down, which I don't believe. Despite their ongoing incompetence, it looks more like there was a hitch somewhere in their planning which lead to a short and terse statement of fact late on Tuesday evening that said there would be no further comment until they were ready to announce the new Manager. Clearly they don't feel able to take that decision today so we get the interim announcement about Nugent, Clark and O'Loughlin.

So, what next? The press and the bookies are suggesting names based on who is available in the market but most of those are established managers or those whose careers can't withstand another set-back. They are likely to be expensive, want long term contracts and assurances about transfer budgets and managerial independence, none of which will appeal to Duchatelet or Meire. 

I am then left wondering whether O'Loughlin is their preferred choice but that they are struggling to take the decision because they fear the backlash. Perhaps they now want to make it look like they have actually taken some time to look at the market to justify saying there wasn't anyone they fancied before appointing the soft option? Maybe they leave Nugent in charge for a week or two and then justify O'Loughlin? Today's announcement a half-way step?

As supporters we can't really win here because if they do appoint another established British Manager, it will be a sign that they are considering the longer term and a sellout may be kicked into the long grass. Having said that, my money is still very much on Duchatelet's man.

Whatever happens, my big pre-season bet on relegation is looking better. Holmes and Magennis are out for a couple of weeks and we face 4th, 5th and 6th with chaos ruling. Remember that horrendous sequence last season as Fraye fell when Colchester, Huddersfield and Hull humiliated us in successive matches? Deja-vu?


Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis said...

"Caretaker manager" "Interim manager" what difference does it make?
Heaven knows we're miserable now...enough with the smiths references...
I'm not equating Kevin Nugent's capabilities with Fraeye's but in the current witless turmoil we can only expect the players to deliver similar levels of underperformance. They know KN isn't for the long term, they will suspect as we do that CO'L was to have been shooed in, they'll be as disheartened as we are that Ricky and Josh are crocked. It all adds up to weeks of dismal dispiriting uncertainty.
Looking for chinks of light in the glowering clouds of dispond: maybe just maybe KN could select a big goalscoring striker Josh Umerah - as a striker - or was he part of the brains trust that stuck him out wide at the weekend?
How the eff has it taken 10 days to identify that RH has a fracture? FFS even up the local A&E I'd only need to hang around for 5 or 6 hours to find that out.

Anonymous said...

Dave, I personally think that the fact that they sacked Slade, would indicate that they have no intention of selling at this point, why go to all that trouble and cost if you could just leave it to the next owners. Evening Standard stating that the smart money is on Hasselbank, can't see that personally, never endeared himself to the supporters as a player, so why tarnish your managerial reputation further by taking on a poison chalice of a job, I'm sure there would be other suitors that would appeal to JFH more.

What I'm struggling with is this, why do I not feel anger about any of this anymore ? it just makes me roar with laughter, probably, because the club is the biggest joke of all time. Well done RD/KM, Greenwich Comedy Club beckons.


Si Jones said...

Lots of names in the frame. Euell has pulled up trees with our youths knows them all and is close enough to the first team to know them well. Under his guidance Duchmeister's new coach could try to continue Jasons work. While freeing up a proper Charlton man to take the helm. EA Poe said the best place you can hide something is where everyone can see it. Give him a go backed financially in January and we might move forward.

Anonymous said...

Si, I would early dearly love to see Euell manage the first team, but not at this point in time, I truly believe the under tge right owners, Euell would propell us forward and galvanise the support, I just don't want him tarnished with RD's brush.

Phil said...

Sciurus - there is a light, and it looks like it's going out...