Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Prize Flag Competition

Those clever Charlton fans at CARD have declared our next home game on 28th October against Chesterfield 'free speech' day and asked fans to bring banners and flags to the game.

Their ask comes on the back of a young fan being roughed-up by the club's heavy mob security team as he was leaving the ground, reputedly for having displayed a North Korean 'dictatorship' flag during match. The 'free speech' theme also plays against the increasingly paranoid Regime leadership team. Their latest moves have been to threaten to stop players from attending Branch Supporter's club evenings if the Regime is criticised on social media by identifiable members - a member has already been forced to resign! You would think they might have learnt following their own goal during the close season when they tried to get a former employee to sign a 'behavioural contract' before allowing him the honour of buying a season ticket.

So, I am looking forward to seeing who can bring the best banner or flag reflecting the freedom of speech theme. Marks will be given for originality, humour and just how annoyed it's likely to make the Regime. First prize of £50 will be awarded to my chosen winner and there will be honourary mentions for second and third places.