Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Port Vale 1 v Charlton Athletic 1

I didn't follow the match last night but was pleasantly surprised by the point if I am honest. The feedback from those present is almost universally damning that it was another two points dropped and no-one seems to be looking much further than Russell Slade for answers.

I said yesterday that I thought it would be a tough match based on Vale's previous home form but it would appear they were still shell-shocked from their pasting at Bramall Lane. We bossed the first-half even with a 4-5-1 or 4-4-1-1- formation and took the lead through Ulvestad. We might have had a penalty and  a second goal wouldn't have flattered us. 

However, after the break we sat back as we have done so often now under Slade and tried to defend the lead. Three negative substitutions towards the end and Harry Lennon promptly concedes a penalty in the last few minutes to let Vale back in.

My heart goes out to the 253 Addicks who were present in the tiny 3000-odd gate. As a lad back in the late 70's when we were struggling as a club and a side, you could rely on 5000 hard-core home fans and about 250 away at any longer distance or night game. I went every week and could identify all of them. One Club coach, one Lewis's coach, fifty by train and the rest drove. Very sad to see we are back there.

Those who had made the effort obviously managed to make their late refrain of "Russell Slade, he aint got a clue" heard because his post match interview started with a sarcastic and angry response to the effect that it was obviously all his fault. No, Russell, we realise you don't actually play but there is an increasingly strong correlation between your in-game attics and substitutions and what happens to the results.

I am lumping on the Gills for Saturday and fully expect us to be in the bottom-four proper.


Anonymous said...

Wish someone/the press could ask RS three simple questions.
How many penalties and red cards has liability-Lennon conceded/received?
How many penalties and red cards has Konsa conceded/received?
Novice Konsa made the kind of early career impact that quickly got the Premier clubs interested. Dropped for Pierce ok, but Lennon!
What's happened to the quality and experienced Tex, who clearly stated in the SLP that he wants to play for us and it was rumoured he travelled yesterday but didn't even make the bench?
Selection and subs poor RS very poor.

Anonymous said...

Lennon actually had a fantastic game! Penalty was unlucky - what about all the chances we should have put away??? At least 5 missed chances!!!!

Anonymous said...

Brussel is increasingly making himself an enemy of the fans with his post match comments, on top of some unpopular team tactics and selection. Its hard to find many things to like about our club right now.

Pembury Addick