Thursday, 13 October 2016

New Charlton Blogger on the block

Aspiring sports journalist and modern day angry young Charlton fan, Joe Read, has found Google's Blogger and made his debut post on Addicted 2 The Reds. 

I met Joe for the first time last season. He is an impressive lad for 19 years and has all the enthusiasm and dedication to Charlton I had at the same age but is much smarter and far more mature and confident. Joining the excellent Kyle Andrews (Chris Powell's Flat Cap) it makes me think about moving on. Getting old eh? 


Anonymous said...

For me, your blog & Addicks Diary are the best. Would be a real pity of either of you packed it in.


Dave said...

I wasn't fishing for compliments AC, but thank you anyway. Getting harder to keep blogging as I am becoming less and less interested. I am worried I am more interested in protesting against Meire and Duchatelet than I am in watching Russell Slade's increasingly inept side.

Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly with AC, Dave. Keep the faith! By the way, I had to do a doulbe take when reading the blog; For a second I thought the new blogger was our old friend a2c! Good on you, Joe.