Sunday, 30 October 2016

Cup boycott

There will be no organised boycott of the Scunthorpe F A Cup match but, frankly, there is little need for any organisation. It's going to happen anyway by means of natural selection. 

I am pretty sure there were c 6,500 souls present yesterday. First because I have a decent eye for the gate at the Valley (even if I say so myself) but also because someone at the club confirmed it to me. If we remove the kid-for-a-quidders and the season ticket holders there under duress, I think we are looking at less than 4,000 for Saturday. I can't be bothered and won't be going.

Time to throw out a few thousand comps I think Meire so you can at least print a bigger gate to save your embarrassment. It's all about spin and PR for you now as your Regime has failed and you can't disguise it at matches any longer or via the League table. Finishing twelfth, by the way, doesn't count as "an easy season." Maybe easy compared to last season. We had to suffer both.

What we are now witnessing is even those still attending matches no longer caring about the result and many quite pleased to see us drop points. Many have been saying that yesterday was the worst win they have ever seen. There is nothing you can do about it either. Your budget has been squandered on players you have to part fund to play elsewhere (previous mistakes) and Slade looks too limited to over-perform with what he has. 

The opportunity for working with the fans was wasted during that period where we had to get used to how the Shareholder does things and when you were too busy fighting a relegation battle to listen to anyone else. Ironic then that during last year's relegation campaign you managed a holiday in Dubai at it's hiatus. CARD was formed out of desperation because it was apparent to everyone else that you were so out-of-your-depth and that Duchatelet attached more significance to the balance sheet than the score sheets.

Your continual lying hasn't helped matter either. Your latest whopper on Talk Sport was your insistence that "de cloob is not for sale." Duchatelet's game-plan sank with FFP and all he's looking for is a face-saving way out where he doesn't lose a small fortune. Perhaps he hasn't told you? Not as if he hasn't done that before is it?

How very, very sad.


Marco. said...

Despite myself I went along yesterday.
It was miserable. I guessed the crowd at being under 7,000 like you. If those 7,000 had been feverishly getting behind the team it might have generated an atmosphere but as it was it was like being at a wake for a very dear friend- which is exactly how it felt. The introduction of Andy Hunt to a phalanx of empty seats underlined how appalling things are now.
I won't be going to the cup game and I really can't imagine I'll be heading back to the Valley anytime soon.
I used to love it there

Anonymous said...

I don't need a boycott. The crap football has done that already. Daggs

Pete said...

Just shows though that not all think like us. That Twit who moaned about our flags being in front of him shows there will still be idiots that turn up no matter what, and who don't see that we are on the road to nowheresville. I despair.