Friday, 23 September 2016

Roland sneaks in and ticks boxes

It's a sign of just how much antagonism there is towards Roland Duchatelet, when a rare visit to England to check on his investment has to be managed in top secrecy. None of the club's staff were aware of his planned visit but a select group of the Target 20,000 committee were given an audience as Roland the Magnificent met the people. I'll bet they didn't know he would be attending.

The Club were quick to put the story out on the website although those familiar with the history here will be angry that we are again being pedalled the same tripe;

-  Roland splits his time proportionately amongst his business interests which explains why he pops over only several times a year and has only managed to see one match in getting on for three years. Charlton represent 1.5% of his financial empire, hence so little interest.

- He took the opportunity to come clean on Thomas Driesen, the curious boy scout who advises Roland in the background on which players to buy based upon his computer algorithms. He's still there in the background but Roland says he has never had a direct say on who plays. Chris Powell will be pleased to finally know where his unwanted advice was coming from.

- Roland said that communication with the Club's supporters had been poor and needs improvement. This must be the third or fourth time we have heard this, although his visit will now be quoted repeatedly for the next six months by The Regime as evidence of the improved communication before the line is trotted out again.

- Duchatelet said Phase 1 of the Sparrows Lane redevelopment was nearly complete and Phase 2 was due to start. This will inevitably draw some reaction because no-one involved seems to understand that and the project is well behind schedule with lots of unanswered questions.

- Roland confirmed that the faded Jimmy Seed Stand sign that adorns the away end will be replaced, even if Jimmy's family have sadly distanced themselves from the PR coup The Regime were hoping to stage around unveiling it.

- Roland trotted out Meire's line about making the experience of going to a game more entertaining by turning it into more of a circus a la some rugby matches. Roland quite likes rugby. 

- Charlton will continue to develop the Women's team.

That was it. No mention of the strategic aims for this season or any longer term ambition. Not even a 'competitive in League One with hopes of promotion one day."

I would have thought a comment on the progress being made by the Target 20,000 committee might have been appropriate given their attendance and a further view of plans in that direction?

I am sure those still involved in Target 20,000 are real fans and are doing it with the right intentions but they must realise by now that they are being manipulated by The Regime for PR ends because practically every step Katrien Meire has taken in the last two years has resulted in shrinkage of our fan-base. The irony is delicious.

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