Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Charlton Athletic 1 v Oldham Athletic 1

Worked late this evening but couldn't be arsed to go. Second home match of the season missed so far - the cost of not renewing my season ticket. Still, I was probably in the majority given the photos of empty seats this evening. Look what you have done to my club Duchatelet and Meire. An official gate of 8,745 that might have actually been less than 6,000 allowing for absent season ticket holders and comps.

My decision to say at home was vindicated. Another unsatisfactory performance and a draw barely deserved. Konsa returned in defence and Holmes started but Lookman was on the bench and Novak got a start. First half sounded abysmal but we got the lead through a well-worked goal that Magennis finished. Oldham had seen more of the ball and more the likely to score but when you are down it often goes against you.

Lookman and Foley came in for Jackson and Crofts after 63 minutes which did at least look like Russell Slade was finally gambling to ensure a win rather than hang on to what he had. As if to warn him against future recklessness, Oldham duly equalised with ten minutes to go. Those present mightily unimpressed. Booing all round at the whistle and fans ready to see Slade sacked. Even I think that's premature, not least because I have zero confidence we would get anyone better.

Can we fail to beat Rochdale at Fortress Valley on Saturday? I have at least brought my matchday spending for the season to date to £25 in order to see this one.


Anonymous said...

Totally unsatisfactory result against another club at the foot of the table - and more points thrown away from a leading position.

Also more fudging of the attendance figures by the 'regime' - but at least they will be guaranteed a five figure attendance on Saturday ... but there again given the performances of late a fiver is about all it's worth paying to get into the Valley at the moment.

Now we are seeing why RS has never won a promotion in his life - though I'm not so sure he would do any better with the larger squad that the club needs to get them through the inevitable injury crises to come...

Not good enough Russell - but you still have a couple of home matches to set the season alight. Before tonight's game I predicted 4 points from the next 2 matches, looks like I may still be on target - over to you Russell.... your biggest home gate of the season awaits you. Your own personal clock with the Valley faithful is ticking away. No pressure then!

Anonymous said...

Well after missing 6 games in my 48 years as a season ticket holder, we took the tough decision mid way through last season not to go anymore, enough is enough. We haven't been once this season and probably won't after reading the reports. We have now bought in to our now local club, Maidstone, who have ambition, and a plan. It's conference football this year, which is no worse than Charlton have dished up over the last few years, and all the players seem to care and show passion. Football for a fiver this week eh! We still won't be going, surely it's not a money thing at the valley. We'll be at the Gallagher stadium as we entertain Solihull Moors, I will again be amazed at the amount of people there who used to go to Charlton. Mid table will be a great achievement for Maidstone in what is the first year in the conference, for Charlton, there always seems something to play for, I fear it may again be for survival, and not just in league 1.