Thursday, 25 August 2016

Valley Round-Up

Disappointing and strange decision by the club to let Tareiq Holmes-Dennis leave for another undisclosed (small) fee to Championship Huddersfield Town. THD was a long term Youth development player who had shown plenty of promise to be offered a professional contract and make a dozen appearances. At 21, clearly not the finished article but someone who had given us a glimpse of what was to come.

His departure was even more of a surprise given the interest of others in Morgan Fox, our only other orthodox left-back. I guess THD moving puts the block on Fox but you never know. THD's move needs some justification. I don't believe anyone will say he wasn't good enough, so we are left with the choice that it was an offer he couldn't refuse or that it was driven by finances. Fair to say he might have been frustrated at not establishing himself in the first team last season following his break-through but it's far from clear that he will walk into the Terriers side. I am guessing he's not been offered a King's Ransom in wages either, so we are left with the shabby view once again that this is about balancing the books for our Billionaire owner. As for watching Premiership stars of the future, a dozen matches isn't going to cut the mustard and neither is Huddersfield Town although THD may well have the last laugh.

What it does is leave us with one recognised left-back as we head into the last week of the transfer window. Perhaps we will sign a replacement but our need for a central midfielder is even greater, so don't hold your breath. It may be that we rely on Fox and will play someone out-of-position or risk a loanee if need-be. Not quite what Russell Slade was lead to expect, I am sure.

Elsewhere this week, Charlton Athletic Supporter's Trust has managed to get some form explanation to the process behind the appointment of Meire to the FA Council. As understood, they only had two candidates for four places, so they were automatic choices. It would appear the EFL can nominate candidates, or they can be proposed by other clubs. The answer they gave isn't clear but there is an inference she may have been proposed. I can imagine some other League One clubs putting her name forward as a wind-up to the EFL/FA.

The Trust have scored a brace this week with a decision to run Away Coach travel for the remainder of the season. This comes from significant supporter dissatisfaction from the Club's running of coaches to away games which has featured some really disconnected thinking. Pick-ups have taken increasingly longer routes and times as they have chosen profit over practicality. The pick-up and drop-off process has almost been longer than the journey time on occasions. Anyway, CAST are employing the experiences of people like Wendy Perfect who previously ran the service when it worked properly and they will be doing it at break-even - Roland will be impressed.

Finally, I learn today that it's 'Community Day' on Saturday at the Valley. Not only this, but they are theming every home game this season according to the official site. I am taking 'each home match day' with a pinch of salt but I think I know what's driving this. Community Day is hugely ironic given the welter of supporter opposition to the Regime, but it does follow the handing out of thousands of freebies to local residents for the Northampton match which the club claims swelled the gate by 1000. To be fair, the Club need to be handing out thousands of free tickets every week to stimulate some interest and avoid official attendances plummetting towards the sub-6000 season ticket figure. So, themed match days are a possible answer. The Official Site tells us we will be having Football versus Homophobia Day, Armed Forces Day, Upbeats Day, Valley Gold Day etc. Suggestions for any other 'Days' will be welcome so Katrien can throw a few thousand tickets in their direction.

CARD will also be organising a few days, with Black and White Day already planned for the Wimbledon game, when the idea is to get the 1,000 Protest Shirts out in force. A photo-opportunity for the 2% will feature. Speaking of which, my Royal Mail Tracking number was activated yesterday and my shirts should arrive this morning.....


Anonymous said...

....if Katrien held a "I'm going back to Belgium Day" I bet that the Valley would be a sell-out!

But there I go.... dreaming again.....

Sadly I won't be at many of the themed games as I am one of the disaffected thousands who can't face a visit to the Valley while it is still being rundown by the Regime.

jon faircloth said...

THD hardly got a sniff of first team action. I think he's a class act having watched him since he was young. The lad needs to play games. It's his career. If that's a conspiracy then Donald Trump works for Mi5 and the Queen is a Hedgehog. Keep it real Sherlock!