Monday, 8 August 2016

Unbelievable Jeff!

Up this morning to news that momentarily made me think it was 1st April. Katrien Meire has been appointed to the F A Council. Yes, the same lying, incompetent Katrien Meire. The one who has taken us down a division and is shaping up for a struggle this season in League One. 

I had to Google the F A Council just to be sure it actually exists and there it is. A huge panel of aver 100 members representing just about anything there is to represent. La Meire is one of four English Football League representatives, although I note they have four other vacancies. 

There are the usual smattering of worthies including Wing Commanders and those on nodding terms with the Queen. Paul Elliott is also a member representing Diversity (Inclusiveness, not the dance act).

She will be like a dog with two dicks this week, vindicated by the Old Boys network. Her own self-promotion has paid off and Uncle Roland will be pleased that the footballing authorities have recognised her greatness even if the thousands of ignorant Charlton fans who have given up on their club since her tenure as Chief Executive have a polar-opposite view. 

Talk about not being able to sink any lower and another kick-in-the-teeth.

However, we should remember that the FA is the most laughably incompetent organisation in Britain, so in many ways her appointment is entirely appropriate.

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Dave said...

Join the petition to have her removed...