Friday, 19 August 2016

Katrien Meire should be removed from the FA Council

It feels like an unhealthy obsession. I keep writing about our clueless Chief Executive. However, like all of the managerial appointments she makes, I am always right when I review what I have written and, let's face it, she just keeps on giving us more and more ammunition.

Being appointed to the FA Council was a huge error of judgement by the EFL and the FA. That's saying something given the monster mistakes those organisation have presided over. Even if representing the EFL is a task no-one else wants, it's an insult to all Charlton supporters bar the Club Secretary's deluded Wife whose gratitude to the Chief Exec is as big as the rapidly promoted Lunghi Macedo who has risen quickly through the hierarchy to be trusted Lieutenant, Confidant and Head of HR.

So, if you feel as strongly about this about me, join the 4500 others who have signed the attached Change-org petition seeking her removal from the FA Council.

If you are still undecided, news that La Merde ("shitty, shit") has been picked to judge at the Football Business Awards at the Emirates on 3rd November is salt in the wounds. Another know-nothing organisation who couldn't have picked a less qualified person to judge others.

Go on, sign the petition to have Meire removed from the FA Council. If we can get this over 5000 we will make a huge point that these esteemed organisations are obviously oblivious to her crippling ineptitude. It might also inform others to know better in future. 


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I too disagree with the mess that has been made of our club and the lack of understanding of the fans by the management team. But I don't agree with the personal abuse heaped on Meire and particularly with the name you have tried to pin on her here. It does us no credit. She is a human being, too.