Thursday, 4 August 2016

Jason Pearce the latest rumour to be confirmed

Really pleased to see Jason Pearce sign from Wigan today after weeks of rumour. Pearce himself said it "had taken some time to get across the line" but he's here now and we have to hope he settles really quickly. Russell Slade also hinted that we could get another deal done tomorrow and it would be no surprise if that was the equally long-rumoured Louis Thompson, although Slade old boy, Stephen Dawson a more recent rumour.

The downside is that Pearce's arrival could see the loss of Jorge Texeira with Slade suggesting Championship interest. He also mentioned Calum Harriott in the same breath. I'm not Calum's greatest fan but we need a larger first-team squad than we currently have and can ill-afford to lose him.

Jason Pearce is clearly a 'talker' and having captained all for of his club's he is just what we need. Just wish he'd been here for the pre-season.

Finally, a great response from the Trust's Heather McKinlay to BBC Radio 5's Football League show earlier in the week when Mark Clemmit and George Riley appeared to show very little understanding of the real world in SE7 and instead peddalled a Meire sympathy line questioning the protests....

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Let's see what they have to say for themselves.

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Dave said...

Friday 5th August - Harriott sold to Reading for an undisclosed fee. My guess is over another £0.5m in Roly's coffers. Kevin Foley brought in on a temporary deal until January. More short-termism but maybe he will play for a longer deal....