Saturday, 6 August 2016

Bury 2 v Charlton Athletic 0

No real surprises today. I couldn't see us scoring and despite showing defensive solidity in pre-season, keeping clean sheets away from home is tough unless you are bossing the match and scoring. That looked highly unlikely given our midfield options and the bench of Youth players. The fact that Bury are just promoted and expected to struggle was another pointer for me and the fact that 1,000 expectant Addicks made the long journey north pretty much sealed it. The bookies had their arses out the window offering 2-1 against Bury.

By all accounts we only managed one effort on target, which carries on the trend from last season and is precisely why I can't see us getting a sniff of promotion. I hope Slade can get the additional players he needs but I can't see it (Josh Maggenis isn't the answer). Meire will support a couple more incoming but with Texeira also due to go, the squad is glaringly short and it's blindingly obvious what will happen before Christmas. It's so obvious, I don't believe even the hapless Meire can't see it. Therefore, the only conclusion you can draw is that finances are the absolute driver and league success or failure will simply be a consequence of that.

The team showing today was also worrying. We were poor across the side with a few exceptions and when our centre-half feels he's entitled to shout "if you don't fucking like it, don't come again" to booing fans at the whistle, it reflects poorly on team discipline and morale. Roger Johnson has been screaming and swearing at his team-mates through pre-season. Perhaps the bigger crowds of last year meant we were spared hearing this but if he thinks he can abuse our fans who pay his wages and who spent a day and £100 or so to watch an unacceptable performance, then he is hugely mistaken. Who does he think he is? You would think his Relegation Roger moniker might give him even a small dose of humility, but apparently not. I expect he will be coerced into an apology because the consequences of him not giving one will be embarrassing for him and the club at the Northampton home game and, Roger, it won't be forgotten.

This issue is an early test for Meire and Slade. She can be relied upon to make a complete hash of it, but I am hoping Slade will step up and provide some leadership. The whole affair makes a mockery of the club's choreographed 'all-hands' meeting this week where everyone was brought together to hear, what I assume were meant to be Churchillian speeches, about how we're all in this together and how we're going to turn a pig's ear into a silk purse blah, blah, blah. Slade also failed to acknowledge the supporters today - even Big Bob Peeters got that right at Brentford. The thoughts of Big Russ will be interesting but I expect it will all be about leverage in his battle to secure the resouces I believe he was assured of when he signed up but didn't need contractual commitment on - oh dear Russ.


Brian Cowan said...

"The fact that Bury are just promoted and expected to struggle..." They finished 14th in League One last season.

Dave said...

Thanks Brian,

Thought I'd read that this week. I doubted it for a moment as I was typing but didn't bother checking because they have always been a League 2 club in my mind.