Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Bravo Cheltenham Town FC

Amidst the ongoing gloom and hopelessness surrounding Charlton Athletic under the Belgian disaster, we have had to suffer general ignorance of our plight and circumstances in recent weeks; Radio 5's Mark Clemmit got it all wrong after swallowing some propaganda from Meire. Jeff Stelling commented on Sky at the weekend that "much is expected from Charlton who have strenghened pre-season!" The EFL put Meire up for membership of the FA Council.

Therefore, it was fantastic to see the Cheltenham Town get it absolutely spot on in their programme notes this evening.

Whoever had the gumption and courage to spell this out deserves a real pat on the back. Katrien Meire will be so pleased to be described as "a legend of the modern game." Coming so soon after her elevation to the FA peerage. She might be a bit puzzled though about "certain owners sucking the life and soul out of once great English football clubs." 

Well done Cheltenham and thanks for ending our interest in the EDL Cup or whatever it's called. I look forward to welcoming your fans to the Valley for a league match in the near future.


Paul Putt said...

Fucking disgrace cafc

Fustymccrank said...

That is superb

Si Jones said...

No left midfield no attacking or creative centre midfield Holmes and the soon to be departing lookman the only creative outlet, we have forwards who can score we need to get the ball to them.

stuart mcrae said...

Disgraceful performance last night by all account. Glad I wasn't there but well done to the souls who were. I'm still reeling from some of last years away games notably for me at Preston and Bolton. Congratulation Cheltenham! Looking forward to Saturday although the excitement will no doubt die-off once a ball gets kicked