Friday, 1 July 2016

Varney won't pursue his action against Meire

Slightly disappointing news that Peter Varney is unlikely to pursue his case against Katrien Meire for implying he may have been supporting a potential backer with plans to move Charlton Athletic away from our spiritual home at The Valley.

In a typically considered and pragmatic statement Varney highlights the irony of making a case that his reputation and standing have suffered as a result of his allegations against Meire, when, in fact, it would be relatively simple to make the case that the quite the reverse has actually happened. 

I guess this just goes down on the ever-increasing list of 'why Meire's unfit to run our club."

I hope any waverers look at this in the cold light of day and double their resolve to maintain and intensify the protest to remove Duchatelet and Meire.

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