Thursday, 7 July 2016

Meire gambles on shirt sponsor Betdaq

Katrien Meire's intuitive ability to make big mistakes has reared it's head again today with strong rumours that we will be replacing community shirt sponsors, University of Greenwich, with online betting firm Betdaq. That won't go down well in many quarters but Katrien won't care as she knows the fans boycott will mean much reduced revenues from replica sales.

Betdaq's clever marketing people may have spotted a weird link between their company warning on gambling responsibly and supporting Charlton Athletic under Duchatelet and Meire - 'when the fun stops, stop!'

Desperation may be a key driver because there can't be too many takers for what might be a poisoned challice. As other sponsors desert in droves, it's not surprising that pride of place on our shirts might go to someone more interested in the advertising space rather than winning hearts and minds of Charlton fans.

If it is to be Betdaq I hope they have done their Due Diligence on us of late because they need to know that replica shirt sales will likely follow season ticket numbers in heading south at a rate of knots especially since CARD have stolen a march on them with the Protest Shirt which has already filled it's order book.

Betdaq were started by Irish squillionaire, Dermot Desmond, but were bought out by Ladbrokes three years ago. No doubt they will try and seek to corner the market on the crap odds they have offered inside the ground for years. There are other online betting companies. Loads of them.

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