Sunday, 24 July 2016

Inadequate squad, "miles away" from challenging

Following the drab scoreless draw with League Two Orient yesterday, Russell Slade commented that his squad was "miles away" from being in a position to challenge in League One. Hardly a suprise given we are down to fourteen fit players with first team experience (only have 18 in total) and were forced to give four U21's first team debuts.

I am fairly confident that Russell will be spoken to tomorrow about his 'negative' comments, although I also take them as deliberate in order to force some activity and decision-making from Madame Meire. I also note with interest the wording of the PR letter to season ticket renewers with Russell's name attached that makes the point that he is in regular dialogue with Steve Amory about the performances of youth players. It would be astonishing if he wasn't, so the comment is a big clue about how the Regime envisages getting through this season methinks. Not just on the cheap but also hoping to put more players in the shop window, probably at the expense of results.

Expect some panic acquisitions over the next ten working days. The beauty of having a Network is that one or two can turn-up at the drop of a hat, as Chris Powell found out, much to his bemusement. That could teach Slade an early lesson.

Meanwhile, then, odds on relegation remain very attractive ranging from 14-1 to 25-1 (Betfair). Possibly still a reflection of Bookies looking to make a market and assuming we are still, somehow, a big club with a billionaire owner who will be flashing the cash to get us up at the first attempt, instead of a shrunken club with a billionaire owner whose first priority is break-even and who simply couldn't care less what the other consequences of that policy might be. Get on it before the weight of money and early season form drags prices down.


c2a said...

It happened to Blackpool, it could happen to us. The similarities are strikingly obvious.

Dave said...

For a moment I nearly deleted your post c2b. Expected to read that "xenophobes like yourn aint needed dahn our gaffe etc etc."

Pete said...

Having a nice holiday?
Good job you're not on Facebook. Advocating betting against the team would result in a virtual lynching by the majority of the 15 year old keyboard warriors on there.

Dave said...

Marvellous thanks Pete. Just one of the many reasons I don't do Facebook. It will implode in due course, I tell thee. Much like CAFC at present.