Thursday, 21 July 2016

Farewell Honourable Henderson

Sorry to see Stephen Henderson preparing to leave the Valley and start afresh at Nottingham Forest. Henderson is approaching his goal-keeping prime at 28. He is probably too expensive for League One and there could be a fee involved which will make it a no-brainer for Meire and Duchebag.

Hendo has also been openly critical of The Regime but will not have missed his Christmas card from Katrien Meire. The honest Dubliner earned huge respect from me last season when he was left to face the press after Karel Fraye fled the scene again at Huddersfield after a five-nil walloping. Henderson was patently hurting and he bared all in a five minute session where he didn't need to say much to convey how he was feeeling. The tone of his voice told all you needed to hear.

So, good luck Hendo, you were a class act in Charlton colours and we wish you well at Forest. You deserve Championship football and I hope you can remain  injury-free and join the growing band of better players we have exited on the cheap, only to watch them progress at other ckubs.

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Anonymous said...

I think it's a good move for both parties. As good as he was, he missed far too many games through injury and there will always be a question mark over that shoulder. If there's one position you need a consistent presence, it's in your goalkeeper. Let's hope Russell can pull a rabbit out of the hat.