Friday, 22 July 2016

Charlton Season Ticket sales down 45%

The Official Site has now confirmed that season tickets sold for League One are a massive 45% down on last year. No surprise to those of us who could see the top of the waterfall approaching or those who were counting available seats on the Club website.

The gap could be shortened to 40% by kick-off, but it's still appalling and when you consider that they have had to cannibalise these revenues here by offering a £175 season ticket to persuade a majority of those you realise just how bad things are.

Katrien Meire will have her excuses ready for Uncle Roly and you can bet they will start and finish with 'relegation.' Duchebag won't know any better because he's still completely clueless having failed to spend any real time here and only listening to his puppet and her small  coterie of brown-nosers. She will tell him the model of profiting from player sales is continuing to allow them the keep their heads above water when the actual position is that the club continues to shrink at an alarming rate. With the prospect of another difficult season in prospect and the likelihood th7at we won't have another Gomez or Lookman on our hands, things could get decidedly hard come May.

The ongoing fire-sale of anyone who will command a fee plus the loaning out of bigger wage earners who don't, means our squad in shrinking in numbers and quality. Russell Slade may well have an over-whelming feeling of deja vu once the season gets underway.

I am sitting innthe evening Cypriot sunshine as I type this without a care in the world. I haven't renewed and have decided I won't be renewing either. I will, most likely, buy a cheap seat online for The Cobblers game, so I can judge for myself how we might fare this season. It's nice to know I won't be bothering with the Football League trophy nonsense that is an insult to our intelligence and that I don't have to bother with any games that don't appeal, like the first evening league fixture for instance.

This is what I am reduced to by that arrogant and clueless buffoon in Belgian and the lightweight, incompetent he has installed as his Chief Executive. A decision that ran out of any possible merit a long time ago and which is now simply an insulting imposition on the club and it's supporters.

I will confidently predict a further shrinkage of the club this season and, frankly, unless Russell Slade can work a miracle he hasn't managed in 20 years, I think we can possibly emulate Blackpool, a club ownership as far apart from it's fanbase as ours, and end any remaining doubts about just how catastrophic Roland Duchatelet has been for Charlton Athletic Football Club.


Anonymous said...

Well with Big Dave resigning from the post he had held as pitch side announce for twenty years, with some serious criticisms of the current regime, I am being to hopeful that Richard Murray will follow suit?

Behind Enemy Lines

Dave said...

It would be welcome development but I think Murray has thrown his lot in with Devil and there can be no redemption for him now.