Saturday, 11 June 2016

Tinkering with the Johnstone's Paint Cup

The League Trophy, better known as the Johnstone's Paint Cup in recent years, is that also-ran competition which gives football league club clubs their own chance of Wembley glory. Open only to the 48 clubs forming the lowest two professional divisions, it has been a small comfort for dropping down from the Championship. When I say small comfort, I don't mean for Charlton Athletic, of course, given it is a Cup competition.

Well, Doctor Kish is reporting that the format for this coming season will be changed and that the competition will now include the U21 sides from the top flight and take the form of north and south leagues for the initial stages before finishing as a knock-out competition. League clubs have been bought off with a fee for allowing the Big Boys a chance to mop-up another piece of silverware. I wasn't a fan of the competition anyway but they can poke that.

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