Monday, 13 June 2016

Classy Irish fans lead by example

Amid the predictable scenes of brawling fans in Marseilles and the sickening sight of hooligans attacking those clearly not interested in fighting, Ireland's supporters managed to cheer me up this evening with a generous and compassionate show of support for Darren Rodgers, the 24 year old Northern Ireland fan who fell to his death in Nice yesterday.

They stood up en masse today during their 1-1 draw with Sweden in the 24th minute and sung "stand-up for the Ulsterman." Northern Irish fans will pay their own tribute this week but it would be great to see some acknowledgement of the respect shown for their countrymen by their southern neighbours (who are often held in contempt by a large percentage of Northern Irish football fans). Attitudes can be changed by acts of genuine compassion and the Irish have set a fantastic example others would do well to follow.

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ThamesmeadIrons said...

Absolutely fantastic mate. Bearing in mind it's not just normal football rivalry.