Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Regime merry-go-round turning

The revolving door at the Valley Reception took a couple more turns this week. The infamous 'Palace' Mandy left the club in a hissy fit by all accounts after a review with David Joyes, the Club Bean Counter.  Conjecture as to exactly why but the bottom line is the numbers obviously aren't rosy. She won't be missed following her general lack of Customer Service skills and a number of public bloopers.

As a vacancy for Head of Ticketing emerges, Katrien has finally managed to appoint a Chief Scout, 7 months after stalwart Phil Chapple left for role at Fulham with better job satisfaction. Perhaps Mand's wages have broken the log-jam on the Chief Scout role? There has been criticism about a 7 month gap without a Head Scout, but I think we need some pragmatisim here. Given our network connections which often support any January activity, the reality is that most of our recruitment takes place during the close season when we replace our squad. In actual fact, there's a strong argument for appointing a temporary Chief Scout, maybe on a Consultancy basis for perhaps four months? We could even incentivise faster recruitment of bodies and pay a premium to shorten the Consultancy - performance-related pay.

Anyway, no-one's heard of Steve Head but that doesn't make him a poor Chief Scout. Let's judge by who we bring in and hope Steve doesn't make way for a Head of Ticketing when the season kicks off and there is a need to sell more matchday tickets to season ticket refuseniks.

No news on Riga's replacement but we appear to fishing in small pools. Rather that than an obviously risky appointment of a desperado like Billy Davies.


Michael Barry said...

You might be being a bit unfair: Steve Head seems to have a more than reasonable track record in Scouting

Dave said...

Michael - I hope you are right. The trouble is that with RD and KM at the helm the bigger question is will he get a chance to work as he wants or will it all go wrong like it has for nearly everyone so far on both the playing and the administrative side of the club.