Monday, 9 May 2016

Chris Wilder prepared to take the silver

Well I suppose it's an opportunity he feels he can't resist. Chris Wilder has been approached about taking the reigns at Charlton Athletic following the amicable resignation of Jose Riga. Having spent 15 years managing in the lower leagues, Wilder will see this as his big chance and you can't blame him. Management of Alfreton, Halifax Town, Bury, Oxford United and Northampton Town will hardly have left the journey-man player rolling in it.

However, you have to wonder if he will be the next Alex Ferguson? He has certainly served his management apprenticeship but his experience has been in the Conference and League Two. He has had recent success with Northampton winning the title this year but his previous track record can hardly be described as meteoric. It looks like the approach includes his Number Two, Alan Knill, and interestingly the media are quoting he would be given "full control of all transfers." Wilder and Knill have clauses in their contracts which mean the Cobblers can't stand in their way but it looks like a big gamble for them given the situation at the Valley. A League One challenge with a newly promoted club and a squad of players you have won with versus a rebuilding job at a relegated club arriving in League One with it's fanbase at war with the owner who isn't interested in watching your team play and a Chief Exec who will want to interfere. I guess money will talk and they will happily live with having their contracts paid up if they can't manage much longer the average of 4 months that the previous six encumbents have managed. They do at least have the luxury of the close season so may be confident they can set a longevity record under Duchebag.

I will hold nothing against Wilder and Knill but they should know what they are jumping into, so they will get zero sympathy from me if and when things start to go shaped like the pear. If you dance with the Devil, then you haven't got a clue, for you think you'll change the Devil, but the Devil changes you.

I look forward to the Club-spun announcement about Wilder returning to his former club (3 loan apprearances in two spells!) and, of course, Northampton doing the double over us next season. He looks like he's had a hard paper round (48) so let's hope he's prepared to stand his corner and fight for his right to manage unhindered and also for a mandate to control player comings and goings.


Anonymous said...

The chippy northerner is a serial job applicant - he puts himself in the frame for every 'bigger' job going. Even if he does join he will be (self) linked with every job going, especially if a Yorkshire club's managers job is under threat/vacant.

The real talent lies with his assistant Knill, the real improvement in Northampton fortunes came when he arrived.

steve white said...

If he believes that he's stupid. He obviously didn't see the banner above Katrien Meires head on Saturday