Saturday, 9 April 2016

QPR 2 v Charlton Athletic 1

A decent Charlton side matched QPR for long spells today and the stats support an even contest. Unfortunately, QPR had nothing to play for and we were fighting for our Championship lives so we needed more than that.

Injury time goals in both halves cost us the points as all of our relegation rivals who could have won did so. We are now 10 points adrift of three sides all on 46 points (two of whom, Rotherham and Forest, play each other next week). That's 11 of course in real terms given our Karel Fraye goal difference. With only five games left, it's all over bar the shouting. We could be relegated next week if Derby beat us and the others all pick up points, but it's more likely to be confirmed at Bolton the week after. I hope so because I don't want Brighton to be rubbing our noses in it any more than they will already be doing the week after that. 

It means we will be relegated before the visit of Burnley on the last day which promises to be even more painful and galling than the last match of last year where Bournemouth humiliated us. Frankly, I will contemplate giving the Burnley game a miss but I would like to walk down to the front and throw my season ticket as far as I can onto the pitch to show my disgust at Katrien Meire's complete and utter incompetence and Roland Duchatelet's cluelessness and lack of ambition. 

I will not be renewing any of my season tickets. I am expecting another player clear-out and possibly another manager. We will likely gear-up for League One by recruiting more network nonentities, some of whom may find they can actually compete in League One. Roland will be pleased. He's going to take a bath on his revenues but he can rely on Madame Meire to cut costs to match and they will plough on with making whatever return they can from our assets. 

Somewhere along the line, though, he has to bail out and cut his losses. The sooner the better but we can wait longer than he can and he knows it. We have to hope he leaves or dies before we end up in League Two.


a2c said...

Ow distasteful wantin the owners to die but sums up wot you exenophobes are all abahrt, full of atred n ubris. Still ourn will be all the better for the likes of yourn not bein there next season. If you throw your ST onto our gaff it could injure someone n iss against the club rules so I ope the stewards n police take action. I can't wait to renew mine n less ope we can move upwards withahrt the ate brigade, boo boys exenophobes n their ilk cos less face it yourn aint wanted next season n never will be. I reckon ourn could still stay up n all but juss ope yourn stay away from our gaff n thass all there is to it.

Anonymous said...

I don't blame you feeling as you do after this farce of a season. And this must be the most unnecessary of relegations ever. It is a good enough reason to want them out of this club, on it's own. On top of that they've undone all of CP's good work. But I'm not at all certain about what they will do next season. They will want to stay, but even they can't ignore the complete cock-up they'e made of it so far. He's stubborn and he's done it his way so far and will now try a different tac. They must feel like they have to give in and go or change, I think they will try the change option first. But large numbers of fans will never forgive this crap. CARD talk of cracks appearing and you of asset stripping. I don't see it at all, Iv'e just seen negligence, gross incompetence and arrogance so far. What next?

Dave said...

a2c - I haven't bothered posting any of your most recent drivel as I know you are a wind-up-merchant but this one is more worthy. You think my season ticket might injure someone if I throw it on the pitch - ha ha ha! "I reckon our could still stay up" - ha ha ha. If you are real, I hope you are closer to Duchatelet in age or even older :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there Douchbags robotic dog, taking the piss as usual, sounds like relegation is really upsetting it, a true fan/troll lol.

a2c said...

Yeah well thass cos exenophobes like yourn abuse free speech n always ave done. Thass it try n injure other fans juss like the coin thrower did from NU, we don't need fans like yourn dahn our gaff I rest my case. One exenophobe ahrt all exenophobes ahrt.

Anonymous said...

A2C how can you spell "distasteful" yet little else? Your views, whether real or not, are moronic and not funny. Give it up.

Dave said...

Yep WUM.

Anonymous said...

a2c = Spanner, gaff darn the Tool Box

Unknown said...

A2c abusing the English language since ?

Marco. said...

We need to hold KM (and RD) to account.
Remember, this was the season she started by announcing, unprompted, that she wanted to be judged.
Well I'm judging. Thousands of others are too.
There has to be some kind of follow up to her bravado now it's crashed and burned.

Dave said...

Marco - you would hope so wouldn't you?

David Walker said...

I haven't posted anything on here for a while, I just don't feel bothered enough, sadly.
I really worry for our future with Duchatelet in control, rumours about building flats at the Jimmy Seed end are just adding to the gloom surrounding us all.
I'm on a voluntary boycott of all games at The Valley and that will continue all the time Duchatelet owns the club unless he shows a complete change of policy and that looks unlikely. I'll go to the odd away game but that will be purely as a social event.
I wonder what sort of squad we'll have next season, I expect we'll be losing most of the current foreign players and anyone else that might raise a fee, unfortunately we'll probably lose Cousins, a player I think is the type to start fight back.
I've never felt so low in all my 50+ years following The Addicks, we always had hope, now even that has been snatched away by Duchatelet. I wonder how low we will drop before Duchatelet has stripped enough from us and let's go.
God, I hate that man!