Sunday, 10 April 2016

Meire The Deserter - [Reissued]

[This post is being reissued as Katrien Meire has paid to have negative articles about her largely cleansed from search engines - no-one should be able to control free information]

I have been wondering what sort of facial expression Katrien Meire will manage when she is finally confronted with the sum total of her ineptitude....relegation. Will it be one of fake concern and sadness? Will it be an uncomfortable look of personal concern for her own position and safety? Or, will we simply get another trademark smirk?

Well readers, news this morning that Madame Meire is deserting the ship for a well-deserved holiday in Dubai where she will be praying she misses that relegation moment. I know what you are all thinking...."how can she go on holiday at this time of the season?" I have the same view but you have to get yourself in the Meire mindset. Her arrogance means she has no compunction in going on holiday when it suits her, not when it suits the football club she runs or the responsibility of her post. Her incompetence also demands she does it at the most inappropriate time in her two year tenure as CEO, although she won't be conscious of this because she sees herself through rose-tinted glasses. She has managed to pull the wool over Duchatelet's baggy face. That or he is actually giving her one and leaving her in post is an extravagance he can afford.

She leads such a charmed life, you have to wonder whether she will end up being poached by a bigger club with all the rewards she so richly deserves. If her old university can give her an Alumni prize to celebrate her successful career, you can't rule anything out.

If she can be bothered or is angry about the furore her desertion will cause inside and outside of the club, she might tell us that this is the only time she can go on holiday because the close season is such a busy time dealing with all the player contracts that need cancelling as we churned 90% of the playing staff. Our player recruitment policy (churn most of the squad every year) might make that a busier time for her, but going as we face relegation? Perhaps she's looked at the pitiful season ticket renewal numbers and decided there's nothing much more she can do to stop the ship sinking so might as well swan off for a bit of sunshine. That early Spring sun-tan will give the fans hope of better times. Something like that anyway.

The poor overworked and underpaid sods who still for her will probably enjoy the break without witchy-poo but what an example for a leader to set - deserting your post in a crisis.

'Kin' useless.


Pete said...

With a bit of luck she's over there not for a holiday but for interviews for her next high profile position. Or...she's speaking with Reg and his consortium. One can but hope.

Dave said...

It has been suggested that 'holiday' could be a cover for negotiating a sale? Would it need ten days and wouldn't any prospective buyers want to be here looking at the goods? Fingers-crossed eh.

Anonymous said...

You are a bully. And I feel ashamed. I wont be going to any more games this season because I am ashamed to be associated with bullies.