Friday, 29 April 2016

Leeds? Leeds? Leeds?

My fellow Blogger, Blackheath Addick, posed the question this week, "has there been a more irrelevant game in our club history?" It's a good question and when I considered it for a moment, I have to say there probably hasn't been. I decided last year that I wouldn't be wasting any more time, money and ultimate disappointment travelling away for the rest of this season and I haven't been disappointed by that decision - not even the enormous scalp at Brentford. So, no chance of me being amongst the 175 or so Charlton fans who make the trip. I booked a camping weekend down in darkest Kent months ago and am looking forward to it.

Burnley? I really can't be bothered and I don't want to be there for a second season to have my nose rubbed in it but a side celebrating promotion and winning the Championship title with ease at the Valley. However, I have a colleague at work who has met me for a few pre and post-match beers on the last couple of Burnley visits and he has asked, very graciously, if there's any chance I can get him three tickets for the match. On that basis, I will suffer it and I will join in the protests. I will also take the time to hurl my season ticket back at an appropriate moment.

The player exodus will begin immediately after the Burnley match, and the game we should all be playing is, "who stays" rather than "who goes?" I have reviewed this in some depth and having made my considered assessment, I have come to the realisation that the nucleus of the side for August will be all the crud on longer terms contracts who no-one else would touch with a bargepole, certainly wouldn't pay a fee for and, who might actually find League One closer to their level.

My hunch is that Meire will stay on, either because Duchatelet is selling up and won't concede failure before he announces he's cut his losses or because he decides to trade his way out of a huge loss through stubbornness (could get very expensive Roland) and continues to believe he can prove everyone else wrong, in which chase, Meire as Chief Exec will remain part of the same ambition. If this proves to be the case, I believe another relegation could come before the next promotion.

Personally, as I have said many times before, I won't be renewing my season ticket until they have gone (first time in 39 years) and I will go match-to-match but in the knowledge that I am likely to attend only a handful of matches and may well find myself happier at Welling or Blackheath. In summary then, for me Leeds on Saturday is the most irrelevant match in our history but it's likely to be surpassed next season unless there is a change of ownership and control.


David Walker said...

Our club is heading one way with Duchatelet in charge and that's further down the league.

Any decent young talent will be sold, they've made no secret of their intentions to be a production line of talent for other clubs to drool over. They'll probably be replaced by more unsuitable foreign players from the lower leagues of Europe.

We're gonna have a job to get rid of some of the expensive deadwood like Sarr, who's gonna want to take him off our hands?

Unless Duchatelet sells the club or has a complete change of policy, admits his mistakes, does all he can to correct the mistakes and recruits the right people we are heading for another season of struggle.

I won't be there anyway, I'm boycotting all home games and I suggest every Charlton fan does the same until real change happens.

An empty stadium is a most effective protest!

Tony said...

Getting me and my son a season ticket for Welling next year.
Now that Goldberg has an interest, I am looking forward to a good year.
All the best Dave, and if you fancy a game, give me a shout.
The last time we met was a bit blurry.
I do remember that you mentioned a TV programme.

Nice weather for camping.