Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Ipswich Town 0 v Charlton Athletic Nil

Ordinarily a good away point, but eight points adrift of safety and with only six games left, we are running out of road. QPR away on Saturday won't be easy but we were in it tonight and we had 16 attempts, six of which were on target, so we live in hope.

The bigger problem right now is that those above us continue to take turns to pick up points. Fulham won at Preston tonight whilst Rotherham maintained their Warnock-bounce with a draw at fellow strugglers Bristol City. At least MK Dons squandered a lead to lose at home to Wolves.

Relegation is only confirmed in Spring but it is achieved throughout the season and we can look back at our leisure and identify all the opportunities when we failed to compete, fell apart or simply didn't show up.

The cracks are beginning to appear in the Regime and confirmation of relegation may be the turning point for Duchatelet to realise things are only going to get worse and that he needs to cut his losses to avoid further brand damage. Rumours suggest work at Sparrows Lane may have stopped and even that Duchatelet is actively looking to sell. If we can stay focused on depriving him if revenue there may yet be a silver lining even in a relegation season.


Anonymous said...

Dave, I said a while back that I would take relegation if it meant that Duchatelet would relinquish the ownership of our club, I know that this has been debated on many forums and I truly understand those who argue against this point of view, for it truly doesn’t sit comfortably with me either but lets be honest, we were only ever (at absolute best) continue to struggle in the Championship under RD's ownership, especially coupled with that clown Meira, if the protests, alongside relegation, mean that we are shot of them quicker, then bring it on.


Chicago Addick said...

I am with PH. I will take relegation and a rebuild under new ownership and manage if we were rid of Duchatelet and his puppets. Still doesn't hide the fact that this was the most unecssary of relegations ever.

Geoff said...

Me too. A good performance by the lads Tuesday with the locals taken aback, as they were at Preston. "A threat throughout with their pace on the counter-attack" - The Ipswich Star. Even our non-friend nor admirer Mr M McCarthy said, "Why the hell they're in the bottom three heaven only knows". Wrong, Mick, thousands of us know why, and even RD and KM may have got the message now that getting adequate players and an adequate coach too late to avoid the inevitable is criminally awful management.

Nice to go to a ground where you can actually believe the attendance figure!