Saturday, 23 April 2016

Huge respect to the Seagulls

Beaten 3-1 today in a game which was always going to be more about protests than football. CARD-lead Charlton fans threw the kitchen sink at it today. Another massive march from the Lib wound it's way down Floyd Road and Harvey Gardens before the game with hundreds of placards and a ten-foot spherical Roland-head.

Once the game kicked off thousands of balloons were soon airborne and a volley of 1500 beach balls stopped the game for seven or eight minutes. Brighton scored within a minute of the restart which was fitting in the circumstances. As the protests continued from the home stands, we were treated to a rousing chorus from 3200 Seagull fans in the Jimmy Seed of, "we're Brighton and Hove Albion, we want Roland out." It was a refrain used several times as well as "we're Brighton and Hove Albion, we never forget." That was a direct reference to the support Charlton fans showed for Brighton in their darkest hour under Archer when they were forced to play away from their home town. 

Towards the end of the second half, after a further beach ball induced stoppage, fifty Charlton fans suddenly appeared in front of the Directors box and took the fight directly to Katrien Meire who was promptly escorted backstage. This is what it's come to Katrien and it will only get worse. 

After the match, twenty or more Brighton fans joined us in the Royal Oak for a post-match drink and we wish them all the best in their bid for promotion.

In terms of the match, I have to say that Brighton didn't really look like promotion challengers. Their team is unremarkable in terms of names (I am being harsh), although they are clearly the sum of their parts and I will be urging them on to pip Boro or Burnley to automatic promotion. Let's hope we can reward them by stopping Burnley in a fortnight's time. That would be fitting and would really give us something to smile about at the end of an horrendus season. Go Brighton!

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