Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Hillsborough 96 Unlawfully Killed

It was three and a half years ago that we got the first revelations that the Liverpool fans were telling the truth and the authorities, particularly the Police, had lied about Hillsborough all those years ago (27 years now).

I wrote a piece about it at the time and said it would take "another few years" before we got justice. Well, we finally got a verdict from the longest running public inquest in history that those who died were unlawfully killed.

We can now look forward to some of those responsible for contributing to the unfolding tragedy being brought to book and for others to be found guilty of the more serious crime of perverting the course of justice. No right-minded person likes to see individuals prosecuted or persecuted for doing their jobs badly and certainly not for the unseen consequences of a disaster on the sale of Hillsborough, However, there were people in authority who tried to cover up their actions, and worse, actually blame the supporters themselves, including those who suffocated to death for causing the tragedy. A stain on the characters of the dead and others who suffered directly and indirectly as a consequence.

It's only right that the families of the 96 have justice tonight and that those still alive may yet live to see those responsible for the 27 year delay in getting that justice, pay a price for it.


ThamesmeadIrons said...

To be honest, I always thought they would never get justice. I really do hope those responsible get bird. The cover up was disgraceful

Chicago Addick said...

Well said Dave.

Geoff said...

Well said, Dave. Can we possibly hope there is some way of also bringing to book those so-called journo's and editors who fanned the flames of the official lies?

Dave said...

14 months on and we have six to appear in August 2017 - this is the injustice of Hillsborough. Those who closed ranks with large numbers of police officers to fiddle their notes and effect a cover-up have avoided justice for nearly 30 years.