Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Bolton Wanderers 0 (R) v Charlton Athletic Nil (R)

Inevitable relegation confirmed this evening at fellow droppers Bolton. A dire match devoid of quality which should be hugely troubling for both clubs, neither of whom look like candidates for automatic returns to the Championship as things stand. The players should have put up a better fight this evening for the 200 plus who made the trip but I am not at all surprised we spluttered to scrape a draw. Most of our players will already either have an eye on moving to improve their prospects or know that they will be cut loose to continue the charge to break even on significantly lower revenues.

Bolton are in collossal debt and Charlton in organisational chaos and increasing debt. Hard to see what Bolton can do other than survive on a shoestring or face Administration. Charlton are still salvageable but it needs to be quick and we need to find the right owners.

Felicity Waller, Head of Commercial, won't be here either to help the cost cutting to balance the books. It transpires she, too, like Mel Baroni has resigned after a short tenure. What on earth is going on behind the scenes, I wonder? High time the Shareholder took a long, hard look at the state of his investment. It's all going south Roland - your under-investment and misjudgement of the Championship have cost us our status and your Chief Executive has alienated the Customer-base to such an extent that they aren't buying match programmes, hospitality, food or drink. They will be avoiding your new team shirt and are giving up their season tickets or delaying their purchases in their thousands.

Time to go Roland and Katrien, time to go.


Anonymous said...

Tough match next Sat, after winning 5-0 4-0 B&HA will face the once mighty and now deservedly relegated Addicks who now can't even get a goal, let alone win a match.
That Belgium bloke (one of the richest Championship owners) bought the club and the team that had scored the highest number of points ever in the entire history of League 1. It's taken them two years and a loads of money to completely wreck the team and club. But the tickets are cheap and the playing surface is now superb. Of course the salt on Sat is Dale Stephens, who's been one of the Gulls best players this season and was one of those who was booted out on the cheap, so he's bound to score. It has been an extraordinary experience to witness such avoidable, expensive and silly mayhem.

Anonymous said...

And they seem to have no intention to sell whatsoever quite amazing!

Anonymous said...

Sad day indeed - Jan

Dave said...

More pre-prepared drivel from Meire:


Fingers in her ears and making lots of noise hoping it will all go away. She has learnt absolutely nothing this season and will repeat the mistakes again next year given the chance. We simply have to force her out and ensure Duchatelet throws the towel in. "Not the time for excuses" - when would be better? She simply doesn't have any that will wash. She said in August "judge us on this season." Well Katrien Meire, judgement has just been passed and you have failed as spectacularly as it's possible to do. Anyone in your position with an ounce of insight or understanding would resign but you are unable to see your own failings and will instead continue to blame others and think you can turn it around. You simply cannot with the strategy you have and your own personal inability to engage or communicate with your Customers. TIME TO GO.