Thursday, 17 March 2016

Mel Baroni - a woman of substance

After another calamitous week at Charlton Towers, I was extremely saddened to learn that Mel Baroni has decided after only 46 days that she's wasting her time working for Meire and Duchatelet. 

Mel had given up a good industry job for the Head of Communications post at the Valley and I am sure would have read the runes or have spoken to at least a few Charlton supporters who would have warned her off. Nonetheless she accepted the challenge and was bold enough to meet supporters early on in her role and acquitted herself well. 

The real size of the task would have become obvious to her working in close proximity to Madame Meire and heaven only knows what she made of the instructions from Belgium. Sunday's sardonic message to supporters after the Boro Protests was contradicted and trumped by the Duchatelet Rant on the club website last night and that looks like it was the final straw for Mel Baroni. 

She leaves with her integrity intact and I hope will quickly find a rewarding role in an organisation deserving of someone with her experience and personal values. 

In the meantime, it will be interesting to hear what Madame Meire has to say after losing her kitten so soon. 

News too today that long time Safety Officer, John Little has also tendered his resignation. He will stay on until the end of the season but the timing of this can't be coincidental following Sunday's protests. It would look like John may have been in the firing line for some of Meire's deflection of responsibility for the mess she has created and decided to call it a day. 

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Anonymous said...

To the tune of sing hosanna:

Mel Baroni, Mel Baroni.
Told du-chat-o-let to fuck right off!

Let's get it going at Hillsborough....