Tuesday, 15 March 2016

"Dear Fans...." Unbelievable!!!

After the protests of Sunday that grabbed the national and wider media attention and in front of a live Sky TV audience, the club posted a response which again acknowledged mistakes and promised to improve communication. Indeed, much to everyone's enjoyment, they actually followed up with a new email address for fans to send in comments, complaints and suggestions and asked that we resend old ones, acknowledging for the first time that they hadn't been responding properly previously.

And then, this evening, the strangest message to fans which starts "Dear Fans" and isn't signed. It looks like a hack or something uncontrolled but looks like it's official. A finger-wagging monologue blaming the protestors for the state of play. Quite astonishing. The inference you could take is that it's from Duchatelet himself as it refers to the CEO in the third person and claims she has been misrepresented in all this! Unbelievable Jeff!


What they are in desperate need of is a Communications Manager who has a clue and who they will listen to. Oh wait, they went without one for months, finally hired one and clearly aren't listening or she hasn't got a clue. Time to speak up Mel Baroni if you are out there? @charltoncarcrash

In the meantime, Roland's lost the plot! We are winning the war.


Anonymous said...

Surely this is the work of CARD supporter hacking in to the club website Dave? No club would handle this so badly, with such a poorly worded statement, would they....?

We are indeed winning Dave - looking forward to Naseby then the beheading!

Pembury Addick

Anonymous said...

Armando ianucci said following the infamous Ed Stone incident during the General Election that he stopped writing The Thick of It because the idiocy of modern political advisors was beyond anything they could parody. This statement is so ridiculous you would struggle to make it up