Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Another own goal!

Mel Baroni will be sitting back thinking "I'm so glad I left."

Katrien Meire has now gone to the police in her latest attempt to fight the legitimate protests of the club's supporters.


I really don't know what goes through her mind but she doesn't get it at all. I can accept part is a cultural thing but she clearly takes zero advice from anyone. Perhaps just the mind of a foreign law student who thinks everything is manageable through the system. The joke, of course, is that 98% of what's gone on has been lawful protest and CARD have gone out of their way to ensure it has been.

The 2% has been unfortunate but a meeting with Scotland Yard? Have they got nothing better to do? Hooliganism at Crystal Palace last year has nothing to do with current protests but she manages to confuse the two. 'Pitch invasions' and 'bottle-throwing' conjure up very different images from two pitch invaders in one game a single bottle being thrown at one of the many peaceful and successful protests.

Katrien, we won't be scared off by threats of police action or by your imposed bans. Find out tomorrow what 'no-one likes a grass' means. Not something I necessarily subscribe to but it has a real meaning in life and for people like you, it rings true. Another huge own goal. Your last Head of Comms left because of Roland's failure to communicate but I am sure she would have done the same following this latest failure. 

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