Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Two Deadline Day moves to warm the cockles

No, not the loan signings of Yaya Sonogo and Rod Fanni, but the binning of Vaz Te and Rhys Williams (you add Franck Moussa if you want).

Sonogo is an Arsenal player and whilst he has been ridiculed there in part ("Sonogoals"), he has youth on his side and I'd be prepared to give him a go. Rod Fanni has undoubtedly been a performer who would have graced our side, but at 34 he looks very much like a short-term defensive cover signing, particularly for Chris Solly who struggles to play more than once a week.

No, my cheers were reserved for Vaz Te being told to do one for thinking he could swan around and get away with half-trying, and Rhys Williams for his disastrous defensive showing. What I would be even more pleased to see is someone else at the club carrying the can for recruiting these wasters - it can't all have been Karel Fraye's fault. At least Phil Chapple is in the clear.

Jose Riga emerges with credit here and for putting his foot down and for refusing to take that West Ham 'starlet' who had the audacity to pull a face at the prospect of even coming here for first team football. Riga's certainly getting away with being his own man, although I do wonder if he has licence for this from Baron Bomburst.

Good news, too, that Ademola Lookman has signed on for another two years and we have avoided the temptation to cash in on him for now. That has to represent a bit of a u-turn in Madame Meire's plans of handing Roly a break-even. I am putting that down to our parlous league position and perhaps a final realisation by The Shareholder of what relegation will do to our fan-base (his finances) on the back of his hopeless CEO's diabolical mismanagement of our club. Unfortunately, I am confident we will pay the price for the overspend next season with a cashing in of assets and culling of the squad once more. Let's just hope we have a Championship season to prepare for and not the ignomy of Division Three.


Malcolm said...

I would not hold your breath

Anonymous said...

Only we could sign a player called Rod Fanni, he sounds like he's just walked off the "Carry On" set, should be well at home with us then.


Anonymous said...

..... and we also now know the name of our next manager ....Jose Jeunechamps who has come in as Jose #1's #2.... if you see what I mean!

The way things are going at the Valley shouldn't the club now be renamed Charlton Belgians - because you have to be of that nationality to be employed in any of the senior positions.
Jason Euell had better start brushing up on his French or Walloon and taking his holidays in Brussels or Ostend in order to secure his place on the coaching staff...

How Mlle Meire is still hanging onto her position just beggars belief given how she has run the club and alienated so many of the fan-base. She really must have something juicy up her sleeve on Roland ....!