Friday, 12 February 2016

No change from Duchatelet - time to turn up the heat

As expected, Roland Duchatelet trotted out the pseudo-justification and soft-soap to the SLP yesterday before scuttling back to Belgium. In short, he's sorry, they have made mistakes but nothing that can't be rectified by the excellent Meire and the loyal Murray.The rest of it was just words. No action, no change, no nothing.

What he has succeeded in doing is stiffening the turnout for tomorrow's 5pm Protest and compliance with CARD'S Midday announcement. It is also time for us to up the ante. A match boycott must be on the cards so we can give them a taste of what the ground looks like when it's virtually empty. More than that, however, we need to orchestrate a mass refusal to renew season tickets early to crank up the pressure on Meire's efforts to break even and I would seriously consider turning that into a complete boycott if there's no progress towards selling the club. Let's face it, we are going down, so it shouldn't be hard to get hefty support for both of these.

I could go on ad finitum dissecting Duchebag's every sentence but it's all so predictable we would only be going over old ground and there's a great thread already on Charlton Life that is already over 300 posts, all of them decrying the Belgian's waffle. I am absolutely convinced that relegation will be a minor disappointment for Roland but lined with the silver of a lower cost base for next season which will cut his losses and should make us more competitive.  I'm not buying it and literally won't be.

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