Thursday, 11 February 2016

Duchebag in town

Roland Duchatelet is in London and we will be hearing from him. Rich Cawley has interviewed him for the SLP and he has also done a piece to camera for the sycophantic Official Site. It would be encouraging to hear some genuine remorse and actual commitment to action but the previewing on social media suggests we will be getting another round of pseudo-justification and soft-soap.

A poster on Charlton Life is sure they snapped him getting off a train at Charlton Station and perhaps he came by public transport instead of driving his black Porsche Panamera as he did previously. He may have been warned his car might be targeted? However unlikely, they are clearly feeling paranoid as evidenced by the gate closure this week attended by Security men. Irrespective, someone went out of their way today to leave a couple of home-made notices to Roland in his native tongue on lamp-posts in Floyd Road on the off-chance he would be returning on public transport again today.

This really is a fight they can't win. Any business with shareholders or a significantly valuable fanbase would have to have acted to remove the incompetent and culpable Katrien Meire long ago. She may just be Roland's mouthpiece but she is making a consistent and unnecessary horlicks of doing even that. The fact that Roland doesn't have shareholders to appease means he can ignore the obvious and the damage to our fanbase is relative and is ultimately all out of his pocket. Even so, it's staggering at how loyal he has been in the circumstances and you do have to wonder why and where it's all headed.

I have been saying for a long time now that we are relegation fodder and given the growing strength of antipathy towards the regime, they are sleep-walking into a disastrous commercial position which will become blindingly obvious when thousands fail to renew their season tickets early.

It might be an eye-opener for Roland to hang around, watch Cardiff romp to victory and see the size of Saturday's protest and to hear the venom they have generated. However, why bother when's not really interested in the football and wants to be home with Madame Duchatelet for le weekend?

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