Saturday, 13 February 2016

Charlton Athletic Nil v Cardiff City 0 (Pinocchio Day)

I think today's match was something of a watershed for this season. It was the day we effectively fell 7 (seven) points from safety. To put that into perspective, it will take us another 10 games based on recent form to close the gap and that will move us to 41 played and assumes those above us fail to pick up anything. It just isn't going to happen and , frankly, we deserve to be relegated.

There was an air of resignation about the place and we were hopeless for 80 minutes. One shot on target late in the first-half was pathetic enough to earn an ironic chorus of "we've had a shot." In the second-half Reza shanked ours and his second chance to jeers of "What the fucking hell was that?" Sanogo is hardly graceful but he brought some urgency to our attacking play when he came on  and managed to wake half the ground - it wasn't difficult what had gone on before. Cardiff should still have won at a canter. They struck the post and the bar and Stephen Henderson was our man-of-the-match making four very good saves to keep us in it.

Riga has limited options but Reza, Cousins, Jackson and Bergdich aren't going to applied sustained pressure against anyone. After Jackson hobbled off and Cousins too was replaced, we did at least look more combatitive with Ba and Poyet in central midfield. Makienok was toothless and Gudmundsson was lost alongside him.

Given Fulham's win at QPR today, defeat there next Saturday will drive another nail in the coffin and I really think we are looking at how soon we are relegated rather than for how long we can sustain the fight. It's been a horrible season so far and it's going to end badly. Duchatelet's intransigence this week has taken some of the wind out of the sails and even the protest this evening was less well supported than last time. It was cold and damp today and crowd was poor but apathy is having an affect. I am afraid the next step will be the final straw for many. Relegation will literally be a point of no return and significant permanent damage will have been done.

Duchatelet, Meire and Murray have this on their watch and all three have to go. There can be no excuses and no forgiveness.

To cap it all today, the bumbling ineptitude if the club managed to put a picture of Alan Campbell on the screen in memory of the late Graham Moore. How pathetic and sadly fitting.

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