Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Too little, too late.

True to form, reinforcements are arriving as we bid to avoid relegation for the third year in succession. The good news, is that Roger Johnson and Diego Poyet know the club and will be familiar with some of the existing squad. Rhys Williams doesn't, but he has bags of experience and should bring some focus and perhaps some much-needed leadership. 

There is news of a possible move for Yann Kermogant but I can't see it. There's too much water under the bridge on Yann and it would be seen as an acknowledgement that selling him on arrival was a large error of judgement by The Shareholder. We know now that the Belgians are deluded and lack humility.

There may be one or two more in similar vein and my guess is one at least will be sold to pay for the incoming wages. All-in-all, nowhere near enough and we won't even nudge the odds up from our current 1-4 on relegation let alone climb away from the zone. If we are to avoid relegation, we will need a return to action, fitness and form of most of those lingering in the Sick Bay.

The other glaringly obvious thing is that we appear short of the personnel to actually identify, negotiate and recruit anyone worth their salt. La Meire looks like she's doing most of it, which perhaps explains why we are back with Relegation Roger, Unwanted Poyet and Old Williams. I would be inclined to say none of them have a future at this club for various reasons, although Roger has managed to nick himself an 18 month contract so it looks like Katrien is banking on his experience in the heart of defence to lead us through our first season back in League One. Badly-dressed man (he has been living in India) must have loved the negotiation with Katrien having been dumped by the club in the Summer. Good luck to him.

I will refer to this post at numerous points between now and May, particularly when La Meire attempts to lay the blame at someone else's door, as she is bound to do.


Anonymous said...

Its the expected drip feed - do as little as possible to just about keep us up. And if we do stay up it will be exactly the same next year. Still we enjoyed the exciting experience of seeking Lookman for a few games on his way to the Premiership.

Pembury Addick

Pete said...

Reza gave his shirt away after the game on Saturday, so I expect him to join another club this window. Watt is gone; and hopefully Bergdich too. Moussa, Piggott, and maybe even Harriott could follow, but the hope is that Lookman, Gudmundsson, and Cousins stay until the end of the season at least (though I doubt that they all will).