Monday, 18 January 2016

Third centre-half in the window

Twenty-nine year old Jorge Teixeira has signed on an unlikely three-and-a-half year deal from Standard Liege. Following swiftly in the footsteps of 'Relegation' Roger and 'Two Games' Rhys, it looks like early acknowledgement that perhaps Johnson and Williams weren't exactly the best bets to shore up our defence.

Jorge has been around - nine clubs in ten years - so don't bet on him seeing his contract out beyond next season. It's interesting that the deal has been done with Standard. Clearly he is known to Jose and Duchebag but I am slightly surprised Roland is shopping at Standard again, given the recent hoo-hah over the Watt deal and the threatened legal action. No mention of a fee but I suspect this will be a more costly undisclosed fee than some of the others.

The proof of the pudding is yet to be tested but this looks more like the sort of signing we should be making rather than older journeymen, although I guess Johnson and Williams ticked the 'Championship-experienced' box. Perhaps Pune City and Middlesbrough Reserves wasn't the best most recent experience before joining the sinking ship that is Charlton Athletic.


Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis said...

So much for "lessons being learned about foreigners", don't make me laugh, I could puke. Yet another never made it anywhere continental cast off. For the effingmost of eff's sake, just cos this one is Portuguese and is called Jorge don't make him Jorge Costa. Let's hope he's half as good a quarter of the time cos that will make him at least twenty times better than Rogers, Williams and Sarr all rolled into one, on a good day with a following wind. 3.5 year contract?!? What the actual funk? We have slipped clear through the looking glass, the trouble is the Mad Hatter and friends are looking at us as if we're the crazy projections of a hallucinating mind.
Keep smilin' it'll soon be Christmas

Dave said...

As long as we have two fit and available centre-halves, I don't think we will see Naby Sarr play for us again.