Friday, 1 January 2016

The pressure's on

Two good pieces online today about the shambles that is Charlton Athletic. The Guardian's Nick Miller asks "Is Roland Duchatelet leading Charlton into the Valley of no return? Our own Charlton Champion, Darryl Chamberlain, posts a typically well-researched and edited article on "How Roland Duchatelt and Katrien Meire are killing Charlton Athletic."

Perfect back-drop for the pre and post-match protests planned for tomorrow. I won't be able to make the match but am hoping to join the sit-in at 5pm.

"Stand-up if you want them out!"


Jan Robertson said...

Happy new year David. Sitting in Elgin catching up on your posts. Sorry to hear about your mum, hope she is ok, Jan x

David Walker said...

What depressing reads, both excellent pieces obviously written by people who know about football and Charlton Athletic. Very sad but looking more increasingly like the future for our club. there's no way I would support a club who's only ambition is to produce Premiership stars of the future for other clubs. Our only hope is for RD to sell the club quickly.

Dave said...

Happy New Year Jan. Mum hinging in x.

Dave said...

Dave - bottom-line is he wants a low-cost, low-risk first team with a successful money-spinning Academy. We have to get rid of them.