Sunday, 24 January 2016

The parody of Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang

It has been troubling me for some time but it's finally come to me. I have had a feeling of deja vu over Roland Duchatelet's takeover and running of Charlton Athletic. It was dear Katrien that finally helped me crack it. There was something about her appearance and her behaviour I was already familiar with. Something deep in my psyche. Something from my formative years. Something that had frightened me as a child and stayed with me deep-down.

It was her ever-lengthening nose that did it. The most recent fibs and contradictions to the national press finally revealed it. The Child Catcher of my nightmeires.

But why was it such a strong feeling? Of course, Baron Bomburst, hidden away in his European Chateau, none other than Roland Duchatelet.

Who then would have played the hapless Brit they captured? Grandpa Potts, our own Richard "We need to improve the communication" Murray of course!

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