Saturday, 16 January 2016

Hull City 6 v Charlton Athletic Nil

Not really sure what to say here. I have been at St. Thomas' Hospital with my Mum all afternoon and have just tuned in to see the result and grab the headlines. 

I honestly thought basic pride and determination would ensure we kept the scoreline fairly respectable today, but obviously not. The players were so embarrassed by Tuesday's 5-0 defeat that they spoke about clubbing together to refund the band of optimists who hand made the journey. Hard to see why they won't feel similarly obliged after today's humping, although I suspect they don't want to be making a habit of this given how hopeless they are. Poor old Stephen Henderson has conceded 13 goals in eight days. The poor sod could barely talk on Tuesday after the thumping at Huddersfield. His confidence must be shot to pieces.

Obviously too soon to be laying this at Riga's door but that's an alarming way for the squad to respond to news of a new manager. Having said that, perhaps they are immune to manager-change now? Who can blame them as they last about four months with these clowns in charge.

The Regime (Duchatelet, Meire and Murray) have embarrassed this club and are leading us into the third division of English football. Our squad was under-invested at the start of the season and they have strengthened in the Pound Shop during January, whilst at the same time lining up the £2m sale of our best attacking player and that of our brightest young talent. Make no mistake, this is the Duchatelet strategy writ-large. Everything else you have heard is utter spin and that Witch Meire has peddled most of it with a breath-taking arrogance.

Richard Murray, hang your head in shame. You were defending your co-conspirators last week, suggesting the signing of past-it 'Relegation' Roger and 'Two Games' Willliams would enable us to turn things around. Well Richard, they did a lot of turning around today. The pair of them will probably still be spinning in the coach back home.

What I do know, is that Roland Duchatelet will be shelling out for a lot more security men this week because things could get very tasty on Saturday when Blackburn visit. He won't be there of course because he doesn't actually support us and isn't interested. His Chief Executive has been hiding low and my honest suggestion is that the Red Rag stays away from the Bull on Saturday.


Scoops said...

It is an utter mess. I would rather the supporters demolish our club from under their dirty Belguim noses rather than watch the skanky idiots dismantle carelessly yet meticulously over 110 years of heritage to asset strip and line their pockets with small change that they don't actually need but seem to think it's fun and rather a clever thing to do.

My confusion is do we go and make noise in the ground next Saturday or not. There does seem to be a split in opinion. Personally I think that a bit of 'damage' Standard Liege style' seems to be what it takes to make old yellow teeth to prick up his ears.

Anonymous said...

Not sure the witch will be grinning and taking photos now......

Confidential Rick said...

Sums it up nicely Dave... What a sick joke we've become. What's next 7-0 ? Poor Henderson ..hope he realises it's not his fault.

Phil said...

Dave, dark days indeed. Don't kick a man when he's down though ! Hendo wasn't in goal for the cup game and so on a positive note he's only conceded 11 goals in the past week. Doesn't that make it all seem a whole lot better ! Phil.