Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Huddersfield Town 5 v Charlton Athletic Nil

Dear oh dear. Amid rumblings that Jose Riga may have stuck two fingers up at the prospect of another few months at The Valley (he will go up enormously in my estimation if he has turned Duchebag down), the hapless Karel Fraye got yet another chance to motivate his charges and show us his tactical genius. No surprise then that we took our biggest tonking so far in a season of hammerings.

Katrien Meire, hang your smirking head in shame. What an absolute fucking mess. Resign now before things get out-of-hand.

Roland Duchatelet, surely you can see what a complete shambles you and your flawed strategy are making of our historic and once-proud club. Cut your losses and sell to the first credible bidder. Do yourself a favour and remain in hiding on your side of the Channel.

There can be no more excuses. Fraye must be sacked now even without a replacement manager. He risks assault if he appears on the touchline again.

Richard Murray, what were you mumbling about confidence and believing our results would improve? You need to resign before your health is affected. Your reputation is already ruined.


Anonymous said...


A few months back I was actually hoping that things got worse, hoping that eventually it would be good for the long term future of our club but never in my wildest dreams did I expect them to get this bad. I'm genuinely worried that the Blackburn protest could turn very nasty.

As for Murray, well, words fucking fail me..


Anonymous said...

Fraye out and let's give Jason Euell a chance, we are doomed now and time to startto rebuild

Anonymous said...

What was that I read 5-0 and J. Davidson completed the rout, come on now Jim, I know you're mates with the regime but that's not very funny. Appropriate though that you support the regime that's just a laughing stock and you managed to put one past our defence.

Anonymous said...

Well,well! What an absolute shambles. If there is no announcement about the status of our interim coach, by tomorrow morning,then we are going to be even more of a joke. Why don't these people get it? I hope that Jose Riga has turned them down. He has been sacked and hired so many times by RD, that I would not be happy with his appointment. We need someone with some real guts. And someone who can sort or defence out! The is no way RD is going to walk away.The investment at the training ground is substantial. This is the worst moment in my 45 years of supporting CAFC.

Sheila said...

Meire wrote a snide remark in a letter at the start of the season stating the highlight of the season for her last year was beating Huddersfield
3..0 at the valley..when CHRISS was in charge since then we've had 2 good hidings off them home and away..wonder what her highlight will be this year..Sheila ..East Malling Kent..west stand

Geoff said...

I reckon the players have now joined the protests.

Anonymous said...

Katrien Meire has totally and utterly lost the plot. Over the last couple of years we have seen some of the most craziest comments, as well as bringing sofas into a football ground.
I now have knowledge that Meire did not attend the game last night at Huddersfield. She rang staff who at 5pm on Tuesday night who were already in Yorkshire to inform them that she would not be attending the fixture.
How must this look to the other clubs board when neither the owner or CEO even turn up to represent their club.
My fear is that we have gone to far down a very bumpy road, it is clearly an untenable position, but the reality is both the owner and CEO are two very arrogant people who are not in touch with the real world, and is my opinion that they never realised how passionate the fans were.
This has backfired on them badly, they have lost the fans, players, media have them in the spotlight for the wrong reasons, and rather than doing the right thing or trying to build bridges the club is but going to go one way.