Thursday, 21 January 2016

Flash Protest at the Valley

At 5pm on Saturday at the Valley, several thousand loyal Charlton Athletic fans will gather behind the West Stand once more to protest at the amateur mismanagement which is ruining the support base and taking us into the third tier of English football. At Midday on Saturday, the Coalition Against Roland Duchatelet will announce further details of it's intended protests for the day. You can pick these up on Twitter at @CharltonCARD or via Facebook at facebook/CharltonCARD and they will be well publicised around the ground.

If you care about the future of Charlton Athletic, please make every effort to join the protest and ram home the message that we will continue until they have been shamed out of SE7. These people are slowly and systematically degrading our club. What has become very clear during two years of ongoing chaos on and off the field, is that Roland Duchatelet has zero intention of using any of his £600m fortune to strengthen or grow our club. In fact, his aim is simply to develop young players for sale and profit. He will ensure there are spaces for them to play in the first team by under-investing in more experienced players in order to get them in the shop window eg Joe Gomez and Ademola Lookman. What this means in practice is that we will be uncompetitive and will struggle. Duchatelet doesn't care about the first team - why else would we have had six managers since he took over? He isn't interested in gambling big money for big riches, he will be content to turn a profit and if that means we are in League One or League Two, so be it. Very simply, his running costs in those leagues will be less and we might be more competitive with a poorer squad. That also explains why he doesn't care about what the supporters think or what they want to see. It's why he persists with a Chief Executive who is so out-of-her-depth (like his managerial appointments and many of his imported players) that she has managed to alienate practically every supporter we have. That really takes some doing but she has managed it. She is now so unpopular that she cannot travel safely to matches any more and has, in effect, gone into hiding.

Be there on Saturday. Support the team but not the regime.

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801912601 said...

Great summary and mirrors how I feel.

I will be there