Friday, 29 January 2016

Fans Forum embarrassment

Yet another PR own goal. The new Comms Miracle Worker is really going to have his or her work cut out. There's another cringeworthy denial video available but spare yourself and do something productive instead. When will they learn? Stop fucking digging, the hole is already big enough to bury all of you.

To save you the effort, it was an exercise in bombast and bullying with weight of numbers from the shit-scared staff. The actual Fans should follow Fanny's example and throw the towel in. Don't afford them the opportunity to insult our intelligence.

Let's redouble our efforts for the next home protest. Let's face it, that's all we have left this season.

Finally, unsurprising results from the CAST survey. They are predicting a tsunami of season ticket refuseniks. Au revoir Katrien....

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CA Addick said...

I sadly watched this complete waste of time. What a load of BS. No owning up to anything and even the staff are now brainwashed.

Whether it is about player recruitment, changing of managers, the potential buyer, owner detachment etc etc nothing was admitted and NOTHING WILL CHANGE THE WAY THEY RUN OUR CLUB. It doesn't matter that fans are revolting, in truth they do not understand why.

Our only hope is Riga, he seems the only sane one of the bunch.

To that management team--the only thing that matters is success on the field and it need not be promotion. everything else follows if you have playing success that will pay for everything else. You have done it in reverse and the club is now paying the price.

It will be painful for the rest of the season and for however long this ownership stays in place

California Addick