Saturday, 9 January 2016

Colchester United 2 v Charlton Athletic 1

I made a big decision to attend today's match, primarily driven by a desire to meet up with the rest of the gang with whom I followed this club home and away for twenty years. Ten of us went along with my Step-brother's 14 year-old boy and we had the laugh I remember so fondly before the game and briefly afterwards. Thanks chaps, always an honour.

We met at Stratford before 11am and were in the Essex Pub of the Year not long after Midday. We drained the Framer's IPA and then the Brass Monkey in The Victoria. In true tradition we left transport until all the cabs in town were busy so had a 15 minute search for the bus which got us in within a minute of kick-off. We managed to hold out until about 4.20 before we gave in and got taxi's back to the Bricklayer's Arms. Ben and I left the lads and headed home early.

New low for me in footballing terms today. Karel Fraye was mocked throughout the match and it is as clear as Pinocchio's nose that he is embarrassingly out-of-his-depth. If he is still in post come Monday, then there is zero hope for us this season and even the most optimistic Customer will have to concede that we must have regime change.

Personally, I am ready for action and civil disobediance.


Tony said...

I take it you wasn't happy with you're meal Dave?
You just knew Sordell would take full advantage of our current situation.
Just couldn't be asked myself, and took the boy over PVR.
Good away support from Grimsby 800+
Unfortunately I won't pay to watch Charlton again until the current regime have departed.
However, I fancy a bit of civil disobedience.
Just make sure it ain't raining though please.

Scoops said...

Agree with you whole heartedly Dave. As a season ticket holder I will be joining the Blackburn game boycott, after that am with you that direct action is now needed. Happy to get a tug by the old bill for getting on the pitch. Even my 70 year old season ticket holding Mums up for it. Let's stop fannying around (supporters trust style) stop being polite and drive this tosser our of se7 like standard liege did.

Chicago Addick said...

Me too. It worked for Standard.

Anonymous said...

Dave, as I've previously stated, I refuse to purchase a match ticket until these clowns are gone, however, if there was an organised pitch protest or storming of the bastille etc then I would purchase a ticket. The situation is critical now and we need to ramp it up, I will continue to attend the pre and post match protests.