Sunday, 24 January 2016

Charlton Athletic 1 v Blackburn Rovers 1

Progress in relative terms but another relegation result. Jordan Rhodes was always going to score so it was clear we were going to need at least two to win.

In front of a Valley crowd again, Jose Riga dispensed with both Roger Johnson and Rhys Williams after last week's horror show. Jorge Texeira made his debut alongside Harry Lennon and they were solid enough with Solly and Fox tucked in. Our problem yesterday was in midfield where we again made the mistake if pairing Jackson and Cousins. Jacko simply doesn't have the pace and Cousins goes missing when paired with him. The problem was compounded by a disinterested Gudmundsson and a patchy performance from Bergdich. It was no surprise then that supply to Vetokele and Watt was sporadic and why Watt was forced to come looking for it and again being left with too much to do.

A very average match with little really to report other than Watt's determination, Lennon's deflected opener and Rhodes' header equaliser on the stroke of half-time which went in off the post and the unfortunate Stephen Henderson. Henderson did pull off a decent second-half stop to deny Rhodes a brace, which earned him an appreciative pat on the back from the Scot. We also had the sad spectacle of a smallish banner being removed from the hoardings on the North Upper which looked clumsy and ham-fisted as the lad and his mother were thrown out. The offending bed sheet simply said "We want our club back." No doubt the club will cite some nebulous advertisement infringement but it was petty and predictably Meiresque. The Club are treading a fine line here and will be putting their Stewards in a difficult position if they continue to behave like this because all it will take is an exchange of punches to draw the angry participation of many others.

I felt our changes could have been made five to ten minutes earlier and it was disappointing to see Igor go off. Nothing changed visibly with Harriott and Goochannejhad on.

So, onto the protest then and a very healthy percentage of the home gate poured around behind the West to vent their spleen. I would suggest between 3-4000, so getting on for maybe 40% of those attending the game. We were also treated to Rick Everitt on an under-powered megaphone as well as a couple of red smoke bombs and the usual songs sang at a higher volume than before. At Midday social media requests urged fans to not to spend money on programmes or Regime food and drink. I was sceptical about how effective this would be but it looked fairly effective in the East and as a yardstick, The Regime will have felt the effect in their daily takings.

If Rotherham beat us at their place next week we will go a minimum of five points behind and possibly as many as seven. With Bolton having beaten MK Dons yesterday, they have moved within a point so we have a stronger prospect of going bottom than getting out of the relegation places. This is what relegation seasons feel like and how they unfold.

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Anonymous said...

Quote "And a patchy performance from Bergdich" you must have had dark glasses on ! Apart from Jorge Texeira and Watt he would have been a close candidate for Charlton's MOM