Monday, 11 January 2016

Adieu Mr. Bean

Adieu Karel Fraye. You dressed your best but, sadly, you were hopelessly unqualified for managing Charlton Athletic Football Club and the players gave up on you weeks ago, not long after the fans. Don't be too down-hearted though, there are other network jobs which might be more suited to your talents.

So, Jose Riga is shortly to return to try once more to throw a double-six. Callum Harriott will be pleased. Personally, Riga isn't the worst appointment they could make by a long shot. He was successful in his last stint and did not deserve to be sacked pre-season to make way for Big Bob Peeters. He was, understandably, a little bitter about that but Roly only has a few Flemish-speaking managers on his books, so he did get another brief stint at Standard Liege following his equally short spell at Blackpool. Come to think about it, he didn't get long at Metz either. What's the betting he doesn't make six months this time around? I have to ask, too, what level of self-respect does Jose have, having already been sacked a couple of times by Duchebag only to return once more? Maybe it's a Belgian thing? 

I would have preferred to get a bog-standard British manager with experience of the Championship but Jose perhaps represents less risk at this time. Given the lack of a gamble on the playing front in the January window, his appointment is, at least, in keeping with that. When we do go down, we can at least reflect on the fact that we haven't piled further debt upon our shoulders unnecessarily. Sorry Katrien, I didn't really mean 'our' shoulders, I am aware that it's The Shareholder who will burden that responsibility until he sells us on. 

So, good luck Jose, I will support you all the way from here but I think you are going over the top armed with a knife and fork. 


Anonymous said...

mmmm well, Jose is the best of what we've seen so far from Belgium but I'm not convinced and my exile from the Valley will take place as planned until a suitable BRITISH manager is appointed to run the team. Sorry Jose, but I still think you're second best - you didn't save Blackpool did you and you won't save Charlton... both clubs suffer from the same ailment - stark, staring, raving mad owners.

Dave said...

I should add that I am working on the assumption that Karel Fraye will move on. If he stays in any guise then they aren't taking full responsibility for his disastrous appointment. You can see Katrien Meire looking to fudge this to support her ludicrous position that all of the previous short-term managerial reigns were better than the last and all were successful despite all being sacked within six months of their appointment. We all know that Jose Riga is likely to be replaced by Manager Number 7 before August. What an absolute farce.

Anonymous said...

It would seem he has been sacked already or has changed his mind and is not comming at all


Anonymous said...

Just read that Riga is rumoured to have said no to Roly Wankpot, if this was happening to Scumwall it'd be pure comedy gold. Next move Roly ? Over to you, you TWAT.